Join us from around the world via our virtual option for a coding competition based in an unlikely location: the city of Appleton, Wisconsin, USA! Compete in the largest student-driven hackathon in Wisconsin: partake in this coding adventure; engage with a creative and challenging prompt alongside passionate peers; learn from experienced speakers; vie for a piece of our $3,500 prize pool; and enjoy the unique experience that is HackAppleton. 

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This event would not be possible without the kindness of our wonderful sponsors and their belief in HackAppleton.


All participants will present their projects to a panel of judges via a three to five minute presentation window. This means that your project will not be graded if you just submit it through the DevPost. We encourage all participants to join our Discord and fill out the official sign-up, so they can be up to date and know when their presentation time slot is.


All coding languages are allowed and all types of projects are allowed. We love diversity, and we want to see what creativity you all can come up with! Happy coding!

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$3,500 in prizes

First Place Prize

Second Place Prize

Third Place Prize

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Ivan Fan

Ivan Fan
AYEI Chairman

Jay Ramos

Jay Ramos
Schneider National

Greg Levenhagen

Greg Levenhagen
Principle Consultant at CoreBTS

Chris Fleming

Chris Fleming

Judging Criteria

  • Originality / Creativity
    Aspects or ideas of the project that are distinguishable from reproductions, clones, forgeries, or derivative works. Provides a "wow" factor that hasn't been seen in other projects.
  • Presentation
    How appealing/pleasant the format in which the project is being presented looks. Ease of navigation through the project and how straight forward the navigation is.
  • Complexity
    How involved is the project programming-wise. Elegancy of approach for their project. Involves a mix of themes with a sophisticated dynamic (keep in mind that each person can only submit to one theme)
  • Real World Impact
    How innovative is the project: what real-world problem can it, or has the potential to solve. How well does the project attempt to approach social issues.
  • Fits the Challenge
    How on par is the project with the theme. What aspects from the theme does the project involve. (All criteria credit goes to learnathon2022)

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